Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Linux forever!

I got a new mini laptop from my dad. Not an HP Mini, but an Acer mini laptop. It's so cute because it comes with a small Linux OS. I've taken the challenge of making it into the ultimate Linux companion. I need to be able to take it anywhere with me so I need it to be legal and optimal (hence Linux). I also need it to be compatible to the top 5 things I need a laptop for:

1. To store and edit my photos
2. To study Japanese (ebooks, programs, dictionaries, japanese input compatible)
3. To write stories, blog entries
4. To download stuff - bittorrent compatible
5. To do some minor programming when the bug hits me

So far, I've chosen Ubuntu as my main Linuz OS. It is a user friendly interface and they have an OS especially for small notebooks like mine.

So far, I've downloaded it. However, I need a usb drive for me to install it in my laptop who I now baptize as "L". For Linux, for Life and of course, for the Death Note character. I'm sure Neal will probably try to name his laptop now that I've started the trend.

I'm so excited I want to go out and buy myself a laptop skin for it. LOL.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

the new house part 1

I wanted to create a photo montage of everything that has happened but I was way too busy to actually find the time to get pictures taken. So here's a brief summary of what happened:

Dec 19: Move in date, got most of the stuff from my old home, Anahaw and my dad's apartment into our new home. We are still missing Neal's books from Bulacan. We got them all stuffed into the 3 bedrooms. The dog cages and the gate just got delivered.

Dec 20: Overall status: No chairs, no tables, no kitchen, no dogs, no food to speak of. In the bright side, our appliances, minus the oven, got delivered. On the other hand, since we weren't connected to Meralco directly, we couldn't use any of them T_T. Our kitchen and sala set also gets delivered! Hurray for us! We also borrowed some tools to be able to finish our dining table since we only got the chairs set up. Neal's mom came home so we picked her up and made sure the other bedroom was at least livable.

Dec 21: No one came!!! No deliveries, no workers, nothing! So my mother in law and I went to Alabang Town Center till Neal came home and had dinner there. We also rearranged the house to look like a house. We also bought the one thing that would save us from hunger: an electric griller.

Dec 22: Our sala set and kitchen gets finished. However, we lacked granite so I had to go around canvassing. I wasn't able to get the color I wanted initially but I still got the black one ^_^ The oven also got delivered. It barely made it through the assigned space but at least it did.

Dec 23: Neal started working at home so I at least got someone to help me find laborers to install the granite which was delivered this morning. Neal's mom left early this morning and the gate finally got finished.

Dec 24: The screens got delivered and installed! No more mosquito bites. The granite part of the kitchen has now been finished and installed as well. Woot! Amazing how fast people work on Christmas Eve. However, we still didn't have gas so the kitchen was just somewhat functional.

Dec 25: Christmas! I spent it with my family at ATC hehehe. We also bought an AVR so we could finally plug in stuff. The refrigerator was finally alive!!! Cold water tastes great.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A what?

I'm not particularly talented in creating Anagrams but I got a site that helped me get the word combinations I could do. I was trying to get an anagram for my entire name. I had to use my new middle name since I needed it to create the word, "dragon". WHat I got was this: "So pia, dragon souls evade land". Which was great since I've titled a lot of things Dragons don't land here. Now, I can explain why using an anagram of my entire name.


*Leaving on a Jet Plane playing in the background*

So we are currently packing. It's a good thing my books were already packed or I'd be in trouble. I'm still hunting down the new ones I've read and scattered around the house since we did Spring Cleaning last April. Not to mention all the Japanese books I have been procrastinating from. Neal even packed my bento stuff which is great but easy since they were all in plastic containers anyway.

It's kind of scary because I realize I never really truly just packed up all my stuff to put them in a new house. Sure we did that 2x when we were young but it was more like moving all the stuff we already had into new houses. This time, I won't be bringing anything but my personal stuff.

Questions like, do I bring my old childhood pictures, stuffed toys, old memorabilia from college or even high school, pop up every time I pack. Even clothes are hard to pack. I have to decide whether 1. Are they are really mine? 2. Do they still fit? 3. Can I still wear them and not look silly? 4. Do I really want to waste all that effort going slim just to fit into something I used to wear in college or even high school. (Yes, I do hang on to them) The prospect of buying all new stuff is scary. Books were easier to pack. I just left all my college books, threw my notes and retained all my favorite books. I left all the romance novels and young adult novels that weren't exactly award winning.

We're planning to build a bookshelf in the baby's room for all the books we want to buy our future babies. Including the complete set of Hardbound Hardy Boys Neal and I have been eying since we found out they were still in print. We still know the manager in Powerbooks ATC so we're pretty good in the book department.

It's really hard deciding what to bring. Yes I can go back to get them but I also have to let go. Neal and I have agreed on the 3 box rule: "Keep/Bring", "Throw/Give Away" and "Stay". My dragons can go to the new house but my other cutesy little anime figurines may not. We still don't have bookshelves so it really is hard.

We also have no bare necessities, except for soap which is great because our bathroom is the only complete part of the house. We might not even have a working kitchen because we still haven't bought the granite. We are pretty screwed the first few days. I imagine all the chores and errands I'd have to run alone before the holidays because Neal will be at work. On the bright side, my vacation will start this Saturday, the dogs will have their cages and I just took them to the vet for one last visit yesterday

I'm just ranting and raving at the same blog entry. I'm truly psyched. I'll upload shots of the house we had from start to finish during the holidays. ^_^

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

another ghost

I have learned my lesson when it comes to my third eye abilities(if they really are true) I have learned that documenting what has been happening is a good way of checking if my predictions come true.
Right now, I have an aunt who is really sick with cancer in the hospital. I guess I'm really worried and I'm just checking if I still have it.
Even with baby Nathan, I knew something was wrong as early as the 2nd month when I dreamed he wasn't complete and he was born but I couldn't do anything. Then I couldn't sleep the night he died because I knew something was wrong. I just wish I could do something.
This Sunday, I was left alone in the car at night by Neal. That's pretty normal. We do it every week. I stay outside and he goes in the house in Anahaw and I watch the car. This Sunday was different. I almost asked Neal not to go leave me alone. I was so scared. I felt this evil presence lurking around the shadows and it was not human. Besides, I'm not afraid of anybody attacking the car, I'd just run them down or something. No, this was an irrational fear and I could feel him circling the car. I swear, I was so scared I hugged my knees and turned on the lights inside the car and sang as loud as I could till Neal went out. This isn't the first time I've felt ghosts there in Anahaw but it was the first one I felt that was scary.
I hate irrational fears, they usually precede death. Like someone's warning me and I just won't listen. In my defense, they aren't the nice spirits that I usually notice and don't feel afraid of. They seem... well, not evil exactly, but they are up to no good. I hope I'm wrong.
I haven't woken up crying yet. Which is what usually predicts people in my father's side dying.
I just realized I have a perfect way of knowing if the ghost we saw last last week was a ghost or a person. The type of the house will show if it was physically possible for a person to be standing there. I'll update you when we pass by there next week. ^_^

Thursday, December 03, 2009

wishlist 2009

Sometimes I wonder why my wishlist never changes. Possibly because I can't buy the expensive stuff like lenses and all... Anyway, here's my wishlist for 2009.

These can actually be found in Comic Alley. They're only PHP 590. Yup Arf, they're not 2.8k anymore. I just can't buy them right now because PHP 590 can buy me a set of drinking glasses and necessities come first.

1. L nendoroid (chibi) figure

2. Haruhi Nendoroid (chibi) figure


1. Japanese books in Nihonggo (elementary books, storybooks, young adult stuff, newspapers/magazines)
2. Murakami's new book 1Q84 (Japanese version)

1. Any Gregory Maguire books except for Wicked.
2. Science fiction classics found in the list of Science Fiction Masterworks except for the following:

1. The Dispossessed and The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin
2. Gateway by Frederik Pohl
3. I am Legend by Richard Matheson

They are cheap publications ranging from PHP 349 (Available in Powerbooks and Fully Booked to PHP 500 (hardcopy version in Fully Booked).

3. Murakami's Norwegian Wood or if it is already available, the english version of 1Q84


1. Benro A300EX or A500EX with BH1 (ballhead) PHP 3700 and 4200 respectively though they are currently on sale in Aperture Trading in Banawe. (10% discount)
2. Canon Flash 580 EX PHP 18k in Hidalgo, 21-24K in malls.
3. Sandisk Ultra III or IV 4GB CF card.
4. Canon RC1 remote trigger for Canon EOS 400D
5. Canon 10-22 mm f3.4-4.5 USM

House stuff: (Also known as important stuff)

1. Baking stuff
2. Other household necessities (except for the real basice)
3. not so important but very cute bento stuff (I'm looking for small egg shapers and cute cutters for onigiri.
4. cute bento style lunch boxes
5. Stuff that give extra storage or are just plain cute!

PS3: I still have lots of games to play so this really isn't important.

1. Assassin's Creed II
2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


I just went and searched for one of the few 7-11s here in Ortigas. Anybody whose lived or worked there knows that Ministops can be found everywhere but there are only a few 7-11s in the area. I only know of 2. So instead of waiting for the mall to open, I just had to go out and find myself breakfast. I left at 930 and got back by 945 which includes an elevator ride up and down 11 floors, walking a distance of 3 blocks and buying my food. All in all I got my morning walk and a very cheap breakfast for PHP57 (about one US dollar). I hate the office here because there are very limited breakfast places. Sure there are 4 malls around the area but all the places that sell any food before 10AM are at least 2-3 blocks away and I get to work at 800 AM, sometimes earlier. Unless I opt to eat at very expensive hotels, I have to starve till 10. AT least in the Makati building, all I need to do is go down or walk less than a block to find food.